Discover the power of Business cards

Looking for a simple yet effective way to communicate to people about your brand. going online does not mean you can’t continue to grab customers in person too, you can use business card advertising as one of your marketing plan.

When you are designing your card, keep in mind that its not just calling card its a way to offer value to your customer. you can add a QR code or discount code to the back of your business card, that way your customer is incentivized to visit your website.

5 Alternative uses of business cards

Discover the power of Business cards
  1. Appointment cards: one of the most common business card alternative is branded appointment reminder with the time and date of your scheduled meeting. Appointment cards are helpful reminder for customers that also promote your business. some businesses that benefit from this type of card includes . Hair salons, Real estate agencies, Doctor’s offices, personal trainers etc.
  2. Loyalty cards: Interesting business cards often include an incentive for the customer. for example, if you run a business that often sees repeat customers like barber shop, coffee shop etc, loyalty card shows appreciation and keeps people coming back.
  3. Referral cards: your current customers are your best marketing platform, when customers pass your referral cards unto their friends, family and colleagues, they are advocating for your business and increasing its visibilityin return.

Referral cards are particularly impactful with peer-to-peer businesses such as hair stylists, car dealers etc.

4. Wallet-sized tools: Ensure your customers hold unto your card by including a helpful tool to keep in their wallet.

5. Digital promotion: Including links to your website or social channels such as facebook, instagram, twitter etc on your business card helps expand your digital audience and build brand awareness.

Modern business card provides you a powerful tool to do physical marketing and it can also grab your customers attention attention and drives sales. you can give your card out with gifts or if you are sending mail campaigns you can include your card as well.

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