What is Large Format Printing

Large format printing is a part of almost everyone’s daily life – though we may not even realise it. As we walk around our cities, towns, or even the countryside, we’re exposed to examples of large format printing everywhere: billboards, advertisements on taxis and buses, graphics on construction site hoardings. The list goes on.

But what actually is large format printing? How does it work, what is involved in the process, and why does it matter to advertisers, marketers and brands? In this post, we thought we’d shed some light on the basics of the industry in which we operate – and answer some simple questions that you may have.

Some Large Format Products

The products available in large format printing are Rollup banner stands, indoor and outdoor posters, self-adhesive vinyl, promotional table, Flagpole, Popup stand, xbanner stand, feather banner stand, teardrop. At Rollup banners.ng we supply everything you need to promote your business in a big way.

Rollup banner stands: They are very popular, it comes with retractable stands and carrier bags. it can be seen in kuda offices

rollup banner stand


Popup Stand: Popup display stands are portable, easy to assemble and come with custom printed graphics and exhibition counter case as standard.

Feather banner stand: They are transportable marketing products with a uniquely curved edge that makes them stand out. they are applicable to both interior and exterior.

Teardrop stand: Teardrop banner is a great way of creating brand’s awareness as they are versatile marketing tools.

At Rollup banners.ng. Our large format printing service covers a wide range of products. visit our website https://rollupbanners.ng/

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