Brochure design ideas

Brochure design ideas

As old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. here are different ideas on how to create eye catching designs for your brochure

A good brochure and leaflet design will help you convey your business information in just a matter of seconds. in fact, marketing materials are meant to be well-designed for easy reading and layout to expand your reach to potential clients.

  1. Use images to make an impression on your audience: in your brochure, choose an image that is characteristic and organic to your brand and matches the client’s intent.
  2. Mix different types of imagery: photos are very strong communication tool. but so are other types of imagery, such as icons, illustrations or graphics. play with themes using different forms of imagery to drive home your brochures messaging.
  3. Feature a full-bleed image: with brochures, there are many ways to show off an image, you can divide it across one panel, split it between two, or stretch it out across your canvas. This is a great strategy if you are offering something you want your readers to be able to experience for themselves, such as refreshing breeze and feeling of relaxation from the beach. if you have a strong image content to show off in your brochure, prioritize that first and implement spots for text and details.
  4. Crop creatively with daring designs: We turn something ordinary into something extra ordinary by adding undulating shape to both the top and bottom of the canvas, creating a dynamic border in the design. Use borders for your photos, text blocks or your brochure overall to make it stand out.
  5. Be bold by Layering images, text, and graphics: find a captivating, relevant photo, then overlay shapes on top of it, in this case opaque and semi-transparent ones. keep those prominent and easy to decipher.

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